Looking Back at June

Today, I celebrate my #RoadToSub300 by declaring this weekend as my rest dayS. Plural because come July, Sunday will be my only rest day. Pretty stoked on what my July […]

Another #RoadToSub300 Partner!!

Praise God for another #RoadToSub300 partner. Today, I met with Darcy Ong, owner of Certified Calm and from the onset, she was already on board. She knew everything about #RoadToSub300 […]

Why I Workout

A friend and I were talking about fitness today, She was glad and also wondered why I continued to be active even long after the Biggest Loser was over. Aside […]

What Rice is to Me…

The Paleo diet strongly discourages the consumption of all grains. That includes: bread, pasta, wheat, and even RICE. Omitting this is not easy for me. For one thing, rice is […]

My First Day at Bikram Yoga Alabang.

As June slowly starts to fleet away, I realize that I need to start moving. No amount of arthritis (sadly, yes) could and should stop me. After all, I have […]

FTX Heeded the Call for #RoadToSub300

Happy and psyched for today. This time, FTX – Fitness Exchanged learned about my #RoadToSub300 and wanted to help me out. I just ended a very light meeting with them […]

First #RoadToSub300 Partner

Good news today. Bikram Yoga Alabang accepted my call for help and agreed to be a regimen partner for my #RoadToSub300.

What is #RoadToSub300

2011 was the year a lot of you have gotten to know me. All thanks to a life-changing reality show called, The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition. I, along with 15 other […]