FTX Heeded the Call for #RoadToSub300

ftx logoHappy and psyched for today. This time, FTX – Fitness Exchanged learned about my #RoadToSub300 and wanted to help me out. I just ended a very light meeting with them and they were very accommodating and understanding of my needs and immediately jumped into the #RoadToSub300 wagon.

For those who are not familiar with what FTX does, they offer a unique workout where you would be wearing Kangoo Jumps while doing your workout. Something that has caught on to a lot of people in the Makati area; something unique yet something fun.

With the list of things they offered, I opted for their boxing classes (for now) and will figure out a way to include this routine into my regimen. I’ll be sure to post here about my experience with this partner soon.

To learn more about FTX, click here.

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