Getting Rid of the “Good Things” and Why I Think it’s Worth It

I have experienced weight loss in two perspectives: the one watching others do it and the one who actually went through it. So whatever I will say here on means […]

Which One Will You Be in 2014?

There is the video that has been passed around for a while now. Now that 2013 is coming to close, I strongly feel this is the best video to watch […]

Battleplan for 2014

December is the worst day for a person who is still struggling with weight loss especially when the Christmas dinners go left and right. I always wish that I only […]

Lesson Learned (A Confession)

December is upon us and with just 5 days before Christmas, I have learned so much with my #RoadToSub300 but have fallen short of the target.

Motivation Monday | Frustrated But Not Letting Up

Too many things running through my head. I honestly don’t know how to put it in words that make sense. All I know is that I have an amazing God […]