W.O.W. | What I Think About the Infamous 4-minute Workout

A lot of people have been posting on social media about the 4 minute workout. But the internet feeling about it has been split in half. Getting a lot of […]

Food Intake Thursdays (F.I.T.) | Week 03

Week 3 of my food intake. This will not be like the others where they will show you a perfectly balanced meal. As I’ve said earlier, this will be a […]

Food Intake Thursdays (F.I.T.) | Week 02

As I am back on track with my Paleo lifestyle, the real challenge now is to eat the right amount of food at the required time. I am considering including […]

Nutritional Adjustment and Detox

Just thought of posting something short today to let you all know how I am doing. Today is the third day of me going strict Paleo and going cold turkey […]

My Thankful-for-2013 List

As I have probably mentioned many times in the past, 2013 has got to be the best year ever. I am pretty thankful to God for making me experience 2013 […]