Motivation Monday | Defying Gravity

As I slowly get my blogging schedule together. I’ve already come up with two types of weekly posts. If time permits, I should be able to fill each day of […]

Food Intake Thursdays (F.I.T.) | Week 12

A new week has passed and since I’ll be doing two weekly posts (hoping to make more weekly posts), this will be renamed to F.I.T. or Food Intake Thursdays. All […]

Ways to Burn Belly Fat Fast

It’s been a long while since I have posted something that has been going on my head so sorry in advance for the long post. I’ve always wanted to talk […]

Food Intake Thursdays (F.I.T.) | Week 11

10 Weeks and 10 experiments on which combination of food works and does not. But this week had to change because I couldn’t work out.

Food Intake Thursdays (F.I.T.) | Week 10

This week’s food intake has changed tremendously compared to the previous weeks. Though I would like to achieve a purely Paleo eating lifestyle, having this is still good.

Food Intake Thursdays (F.I.T.) | Week 09

The nice thing about documenting your weekly intake is that you tend to discover immediately what makes you bloat.