W.O.W.| My Regimen and Why

A lot of people ask a lot of other people what the perfect regimen would be the effectively lose weight efficiently. If that’s what you ask me, then I would […]

A Lazy Person’s Guide to Paleo Foods

Paleo is starting to become more familiar to Filipinos thanks to people like Iza Calzado and the like. A few  groups also decided to offer pre-packed Paleo meals like GoPaleo […]

W.O.W. | The Burpee

Wednesday, for me, has got to be the most difficult day of the week to blog for. But I am confident as time goes by and as I finally get […]

Motivation Monday | If No One Can, Who Will??!

An just like that, it’s Monday once again. With the way the work force is now — with shifts including Saturday and Sunday — I honestly don’t know why we […]

Fastrack Friday | Initial Thoughts

Two new categories have been added to my blog but won’t be as frequent as the first three so for now, we already have five (5):

Food Intake Thursdays (F.I.T.) | Week 15

Summer is here again and to be honest, it is truly difficult to stick to a diet with all the sweet and cold goodies out there.

W.O.W. | Scaling… Is it Necessary?

What is scaling down and is it necessary? I mean why can’t we do what is prescribed? After all, shouldn’t the full benefit come after doing what is prescribed?