Motivation Monday | Here We Go!

So the last day of the first half of 2014 is upon us. Here I am in the same spot as last year. A lot of things have happened and I […]

W.O.W. | Why I Love Yoga!

I’ve already talked about why I love CrossFit. See here (but do come back, ok?) Now, let me talk about why I love Yoga!

F.I.T. | Week 24

After next week’s post, you will see a big change in my meals for the month of July. So bare with me when I post “bad” stuff for this and […]

Transformation Tuesday | July Challenge

  A lot of things will be happening this July. I am praying for this to be successful. I am also asking that you join me on this.

W.O.W. | The Kettle-bell Swing (KBS)

Today’s WorkOut Wednesday topic is all about the Kettle-bell Swing or KBS. A pretty simple yet intense movement. A movement, when done correctly, can open many doors.