Motivation Monday

Mo Mo | Not Giving Up

How do you deal when you decide to change your life? Do you do everything you want before beginning, do you set a start date, or do you just go […]

Motivation Monday

Mo Mo | 2015 Rehashed

Last week, I started working again. Like office work with 5-day, 9 hour shifts. Then a lot of things changed. Priorities for one.

Food Intake Thursdays

#FIT2015 | Week 06

Work started this week and with that, I was not able to be too picky with my meals. I was too stressed that I was just eating anything I could […]

Motivation Monday

Mo Mo | What Really Happened Inside Camp

A few articles have been posted online about how the respective networks run The Biggest Loser in their franchises and one such

Motivation Monday

Mo Mo | How Are You With Your Fitness Goals?

2 weeks into 2015. How far have you gone since you made your 2015 fitness goals?