W.O.W. | Double Unders

As we end this month’s July Challenge, I have been thinking about what to do to give myself another challenge for August.

W.O.W. | What I Did on the First Day of July

For the whole month of July, I will be focusing on what I did during the week but since today’s post was posted on the 2nd day, you will only […]

W.O.W. | Why I Love Yoga!

I’ve already talked about why I love CrossFit. See here (but do come back, ok?) Now, let me talk about why I love Yoga!

W.O.W. | The Kettle-bell Swing (KBS)

Today’s WorkOut Wednesday topic is all about the Kettle-bell Swing or KBS. A pretty simple yet intense movement. A movement, when done correctly, can open many doors.

W.O.W. | How Often Should You Work Out to Lose Weight?

So you’ve finally realized your calling to start working out, but still don’t have that much free time to do so. How often should I work out?

W.O.W. | When In Vacation, Do What Vacationers Do…

As of this writing, I am in the beautiful district of Wanchai in Hong Kong and like a lot of you who are afraid of losing a day of not […]