W.O.W. | Bikram’s Triangle (Master) Pose

Today’s WorkOut Wednesday, we will be discussing one of the more challenging yet very satisfying yoga postures once you get it right, Bikram’s Master Pose or the Triangle Pose.

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W.O.W. | The Burpee

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W.O.W. | Scaling… Is it Necessary?

What is scaling down and is it necessary? I mean why can’t we do what is prescribed? After all, shouldn’t the full benefit come after doing what is prescribed?

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There are days when you just cannot go out. You are fine but certain conditions prohibit you from doing your chores, errands, and sometimes, work. With work and errands, thanks […]

W.O.W. | Workout with a Friend. It’s more Fun that way.

Here is a good workout to have with friends. The thing about having friends around is that they make workout less intense and seem shorter. That’s why group classes are […]