Mom’s Home-made Juicy Paleo Burger

Here’s another simple recipe for a burger that is so juicy, you couldn’t believe it’s Paleo.

Regine’s Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

A simple to prepare simple to make chicken recipe that I love. It’s sort of my family’s go-to dish when we are all tired from work and would not want […]

Paleonnaise (Paleo Mayonnaise)

Been doing 70%-80% paleo for the past months and I would say that I’m getting pretty good at it. I’ve managed to say no to the stuff I am not […]

Paleo Bicol Express

Today’s dish is something that I’ve been craving for for a while now. I’ve been craving for Bicol Express for the longest time. Looking at what is available in restaurants […]

Spinach Omelette

The diet I decided to keep is something I felt that was easily maintainable, readily available, and — most importantly — cheap! Some people look at Paleo as something expensive […]