Food Intake Thursdays

#FIT2015 | Week 02

True to my word, I stick to my diet (well, majority of it). Never regretted it for one second.

Motivation Monday

Mo Mo | 2015 Fitness Goals

Ever since this blog started, I never really got to discussing to all of you what my goals are. Maybe if I put them here, it would motivate me to […]

Food Intake Thursdays

#FIT2015 | Week 01

A new year deserves a new design. So this is what this will look like from now on.

Motivation Monday

Mo Mo | Losing Weight is Overrated

Ever since #RoadToSub300 started, my main goal was to lose weight. Come to think of it, even during that reality show in 2011, the main goal was to lose weight […]


New Year, New Site

#RoadToSub300 has been really, really good to me for the past 2 years. I’ve learned so much about my body that I am pretty much unbreakable. I can still be […]