My Bucket List

According to good ol’ Google, a bucket list is defined as:

a number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime.

The word bucket is taken from the expression “kick the bucket” which simply means to die. In Wikipedia, “kicking the bucket” is explained as:

A common theory is that the idiom comes from a method of execution such as hanging, or perhaps suicide, in the Middle Ages. A noose is tied around the neck while the victim is placed standing on an overturned bucket. When the bucket is kicked away, the victim is hanged.

I’ve been reading a lot of bucket lists and there is this huge sense of satisfaction when something off the list gets scratched, checked, or stroke off. So I decided to make something like this as well. This will be added every time something comes to mind. I pray that I will be able to do at least half of them.

Here goes.

1. To travel to, at least, 5 new places/provinces in the Philippines.
2. To travel to 5 different Asian countries other than Hong Kong.
3. To travel to, at least, 3 different European countries.
4. To travel to the US (this will definitely expand once I get that chance to go to the US).
5. To be able to hit below 250 pounds (this is the ultimate goal for me and not just #RoadToSub300).
6. To purchase a new car with my own hard earned money.
7. To purchase a house with my own hard earned money.


Whatcha gotta say, huh??